Animals Project

EYP Stage 2 | Children's Age group - 3 to 4 years

Academic Year 2021-22

Welcome to the Exhibition Site of our Virtual Project Approach

(Project Dates: 13th September'21 - 16th October'21)

Mode of Projects: Conducted Virtually during Remote Learning (school closure due to COVID-19 pandemic)

At Redbricks pre-school, we have been successfully conducting research projects since many years, based on ‘The Project Approach’ pedagogical approach (founder Sylvia Chard and inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy).The essence of a project lies in young children taking the role of researchers to discover about the world through first hand investigations and experimentation. During this process,educators truly become facilitators of the learning ‘process’ rather than teachers focused on a set ‘output.’

These projects culminate in an exhibition which children and educators collectively put up for parents and other visitors.Through the process of preparing for this exhibition, children revisit their learnings and learn to communicate their ideas as well as about their learning process. Educators play an important role in documenting children’s ideas and work throughout the project, and use this documentation to make their learning visible in the exhibition.

This academic year (Year 2021-22),the projects were conducted for the first time through a remote learning approach. It was an interesting challenge which our educators and parents took up, to ensure that children continued to gain from the rich experience of project based learning even during the pandemic. While we deeply missed physical interactions,we gained new skills and insights in conducting these projects virtually. Most importantly,the partnership between teachers and parents was deeply cemented through this experience.

Through this project site, we are excited to present to you an online exhibition of children’s ideas and work,showcasing their learning journey during the virtual Projects.We hope this inspires you and reveals the deep potential that each child carries within him/her.


Why we selected 'Animals' as a topic?

The mysteries and marvels of the animal kingdom intrigue children from an early age.Children grow up seeing animals around them and it continues to be a source of interest for them. Opportunities to observe and care for an animal instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life which goes a long way in developing important social and emotional skills. When children interact with animals, they build the all-important attitudes of connection,empathy and care. Observing and knowing more about animals help children to develop an awareness and understanding about science and the natural world around them.

Through this project, children explored and researched about different animals and represented their findings and learning through multiple ways.