Phase II

Based on the responses children gave during phase I, teachers had an insight about the knowledge of children and thought that it was important for them to know about different types of animals, their food, habitat and young ones. Children explored these topics in detail through online research.

Exploration of Domestic Animals

Aarsh: "Ha, tortoise joyu che, pachi vhali vhali kare, cucumber, ghar ma re, horse, mane besva mate, sheep, lamb, shed, desert."

Raiza:“Cow, cow ghans khay, aa baby che ne ene rotli khavdave che, baby cow to nathi, big cow, cow nathi aa goat che, eni mumma che."

Samarth: "Dog ne biscuits bhave, jo horse, monkey, banana, dog bone, pig, piglet."

Kiaan: "Cow and cat, because i love it, lion animals ko khata hai, cat, kitten, house, camel, calf, chicken."

Hiya: "Giraffe, toy, dog, cow, cat."

Reyaan: "Yes, bruno, brown brown, Bahu j mast waal (hair)che, kapda j nathi paherto, e bahu j moto che dog, piggie, swimming pool hatu, ducklings hata,calf, donkey,stable donkey house"

Look!! I have a pet at home

Exploring physical features of domestic animals

Children discussing and creating a pictograph by voting for their favourite pet animal

Exploration of Wild Animals

Aarsh: “Aa wild animals che. Cow cat hu rakhi saku ae to wild animals hoye,Lion and lion ka cub."

Keshavi: “I take tortoise”, “They can bite”, “Wild animals.” “Meat” “Elephant lives in forest,eat sugarcane. ” “Foal” “Black and white stips on body” , “They go in the river”

Pratham: “Vo hume kha jayega”,“Lion and Cat ”

Kiaan: “Jungle me” “Tiger-cub” “Zebra”

Samarth: “Lion eats dog,Lion live in jungle in den, Meat,Cave” “deer grass ” , “tongue this ”water piye, mane to wolf game oww oww evu kare.""

Darsh: “Bija animals ne khai jaaye.” “Lion lives in a cave.” “Bear” “Fish”

Aadi: “Elephant, calf” “Deer- Fawn” “Bear and baby bear”, “”

Raiza: “deer ghaas khaye,“Giraffe” “Ye jungle me rehta hai”, “Maam aa zebra hai”, “Dark brown and light brown for giraffe” “Bear and masha.”

Sarvam: “Lion”, “Sugarcane and jaggery and banana, forest” “Graffe, mare passe ek giraffe toy hatu. brown brown an dwhite (Skin), neck long neck.” “Leafe”

Tvesha: "White tigress, I saw in the zoo."

Exploration of Aquatic Animals

Darsh:"Shark biji fish ne khaye."

Samarth: "Frog baby tedpole, main Dolphin joi this."

Kiaan: "Hum Fish ko dana khilate hai, usko clean karte hai or doosre water me daalte hai."

Maahir: "Dolphin, Shark,Dolphin face is big, or vo upper."

tak jata hai pani me.

Kiara: "Tortoise che, one water ma che,biju outside maa che."

Tvesha: "Seal,Walrus."

Ruhaan:"Scales and Fins."

Adding our knowledge through online research

Finding out how animals are useful to us apart from giving us joy...

Darsh: “Animals leg thi help kare che.”, “Ghoda gadi joyi thi,ox bhi joyu tu,Police ki bhi help karte hai.”

Aadi: “gloves”, “Shoose ,bag , make up”

Arsh: “Pet dog.”

Samarth: “Baa baa black sheep have you any wool.”

Reyaan: “Elephant carries tree and pandada.”

Kiara: “Cow hume milk deti hai.” “Rabbit helps to pet toys”

Maahir: “ horse cart jispe horse ride karata hai.” “Koi log egg khate hai na to vo b milta hai chicken”“Police wala dog thief ko le jata hai."

Arjun: Bull cart Donkey saman uthata hai.“Dog ne deer ki help kari thi.” “Animals ek doosre ki help karte hai.”

Riyan : “Dog aapne protect kare help kare. sheep ne lei le ane ma muki de.”

Bhavya : “Dog police ki help karta hai vo soonghta hai.

After exploring different types of animals and their uses, it was time for children to select an animal which fascinated them the most and wanted to know more about that animal. So the children were divided into two small groups where each group conducted an in-depth study on an animal of their choice.

Group 1 decided to do an in-depth study about a giraffe

Kiaan: "Wild animal Giraffe banana hai, because I love it, iski long long neck hoti hai."

Aarsh: "Wild animal Giraffe banaau che."

Darsh: "Ma'am maaru favourite animal Gorilla che orangutang bhi iska friend hai."

Samarth: "Giraffe"

Group 2 decided to do an in-depth study about an elephant

Arjun: "Elephant mera favourite hai kyunki vo pani ko door se soongh leta hai. uski lmbi trunk hoti hai vo pasand hai."

Maahir: "I like Elephant"

Bhaavya: "Mujhe to elephant acha lgta hai, vo chlta acha hai isliye."

Tvesha: "Elephant I like because he splashes water on me."

Online research of giraffe

Kiaan: "Giraffe kya khata hai?"

Reyaan: "Giraffe su bole? Giraffe aapne khai jaye?"

Raiza: "Dinosaur, tortoise, rabbit."

Sarvam: "Mane giraffe game, eni neck kem lambi che?"

Online research on an elephant

Bhaavya: "Elephant ka nose kyu bada hota hai?"

Tvesha: "Elephant ka baby egg me se aata h ya tummy me se?"

Arjun: "Vo kitna khana khat hai uska pet kese bhrta h? uski eyes kyu choti hoti hai? ears itne bade hote h to?"

Ayansh: "Vo tunk se kya karta hai?"

Maahir: "Vo khana kaise khata hai? uske teeth?"

Riyaan: "Elephant ne house ne su kevaye?"

Ruhan: "Elephant k teeth bade kyu hote ha?"

Through large group discussion, children represented the similarities and differences between the animals of both groups through a venn diagram

Creatively used indigenous materials to make a hand puppet of animals







Collage of Animals







Imagination in the Construction Corner

I am busy in making jungle for my animals.

Hey! isn't it amazing to make an animal's train

Horse is busy in stable

My Cow lives in a shed.

It's my tiger and it's a den.

Animals' habitat

Children made their own rhymes and stories

Arjun's Rhyme

Kiara's Story

Maahir's Rhyme

Tvesha's Story

Recalling all the stories which have animals in them

Polar bear polar what do you hear??

I am a beautiful fish with shiny glitters on my scales.

Ohh! This strange animal is not our king

This Story of Jackal taught me the difference between fox and Jackal.

We learned our responsibility towards animals.

Clay Models