Cognitive Development

Through the project approach, children exercise their questioning and reasoning skills. They develop their learning skills and research skills through first hand investigations, data collection and assimilating data to draw conclusions. Children use their observation and reasoning to understand the cause and effect relationships in the world around them.They develop their mathematical knowledge and skills through experiential activities such as counting, finding similarities and differences, classification, identifying patterns, representing data, and so on.

Identifying and creating patterns on animals

Shringeri Panchal

Kiaan Surani

Miraya Jain

Shringeri Panchal

Thinking logically while creating stories of her own

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Shivaanya Mehta

Classification as per domestic, wild and aquatic animals


Abir Hura

Diyaan cognitive.mp4

Diyaan Gediya

Kiara Patel

Ruhaan: I have solved this puzzle.

Children listening to the sounds and guessing the animals