Phase III

During phase three, children revisited and recalled the learnings, explorations, experiences of the entire journey of the Project. Children also shared their likes & dislikes from the project journey. Finally they represented their ideas in the form of a 3D model.

Children's verbatims were recorded by the teachers and the information shared by them during the different phases of the project was represented in the form of a web.

Revisiting the journey of the project experiences, likes and dislikes

Each child represented their thoughts in the form of an individual blue print (Group 1)



Each child represented their thoughts in the form of an individual blue print (Group 2)


Children's collective thoughts in the form of a common blueprint of tiger

Children's collective thoughts in the form of a common blueprint of zoo

Creating prototype of their model

Dhyana is busy in making animals

My tiger is standing in the jungle.

Hey friends, this is Mishka's dog.

Vihani's panda is hungry, feed him bamboo

Glimpses of model making

Ma'am!! My zebra cage is going to be ready.

Let me stick mumma tiger's tail.

See, I am tearing paper to make sun.

Don't disturb me. I am painting my crocodile.

Don't touch my legos!! Otherwise my tiger will eat you all.

I am concentrating on my painting.

Painting my tiger's body with orange color.

Model making process

After days of extensive exploration through various activities such as group discussion, sensorial activities, field trips, art and facts from online research, children were now equipped with more information and knowledge about Animals.

Their individual models reflected their learning as well as experience which they gained throughout the period of exploration. It was observed that throughout the project, many children were more intrigued to know more facts about tigers which led to further detailed study through online research.

So with one group deciding on making models of tiger and the other a zoo, it was mutually decided that together they would create a zoo with different animals including the tiger as part of it.

During the discussion about model making children shared their views and imagination and said, "Hun tiger na vaad (Hair) banavis ane jewelry pan banvis", "Ma'am hun che ne giraffe ne cage ma rakhis" and one of them said, "Mein zebra ka cage banaungi."

Meanwhile, for making their individual model, they decided on materials to be used and shared, "Mein legos se jungle banunga", "Hun paint kari ne jungle grass banavis", "Hun paper upar colour kari cut kari ne sun banavis."

Some made tiger with clay, legos, cardboard, paper and plastic glass, some painted grass with green poster colour for jungle whereas few of them made cage with ice-cream sticks and folded paper to make 3D zebra and giraffe.

One of them painted a bottle to make crocodile. For the features of tiger few of them used ice-cream sticks to make stripes on tiger's body whereas few painted, some used clay and coconut husk for hair, tassel for tail and artificial nails as a accessory.While creating their models they faced many challenges to give shape to their models but they came up with the solutions themselves and made their models.

Final Model

Teachers assembled the individual models made by children to create a zoo.

Shringeri Panchal

Abir Hura

Aahan Prasoon

Ruhaan Patel

Ayansh Popat

Yuvraj Dhillon

Tanush Padia

Mishka Chauhan

Blue print of Mishka's model

Shivaanya Mehta

Blue print of Shivaanya's model

Vishant Kohli

Vihani Patel

Siaan Poojara

Aarav Tuli

Dhyana Bhuptani

Vanshil Shah

Miraya Jain

Zoo base is created by Prisha Patel

Chain story created by children

Group - 1

Once upon a time there was a bunny. Bunny play, hello tiger. Rabbit carrot khay, pachhi elephant maliyu, pachhi aey loko ramta ta, meine kiya stop, phir mein khelne laga, elephant ke saath khelna chahta hun (Tiger), tiger ko find kiya, lion wants to play with doggy, mein tumhare saath nahi khelunga (Doggy), usko kahin aur jagah khelna tha, tiger ke saath khelna tha, tiger ne roar kiya, mujhe nahi khao......mujhe nahi khao......, tiger ne bola, tiger toh meat khata hai, doggy ne choco jevu khavdave, mein tiger ne baku (Bite) bharyu, bu-bu thay (Hurt), pachhi kha liya, phir bottle diya, phir se khane aaya, phir bhag gaya, phir sone gaya, phir gajar khaya, phir book joya, phirmilk piya, doggy ne bola ki nahi...nahi... mujhe nahi khana, phir usne bola mein toh khaunga, phir doggy bhaag gaya, I am king of the jungle.

Group - 2


Once upon a time ek panda hatu, aey bahu dahyu hatu, aey mum (Food) apyu, swimming pool ma gayu, paani pink colour nu hatu etle aey pink colour nu thay gayu, pachhi friend paase gayu, pachhi aey tiger paase gayu, hi pink panda and then panda said hi, panda go to tiger, tiger and panda go to that lion, lion jato toh, toh badha pachhi lion aey maar didhu, hun jato toh, toh tiger aaya, giraffe, panda, tiger woh jaa raa tha teeno (Three) friend ne khaya, phir mara aur phir teeno friends dog ke paas gaye, panda, do panda the usko gaadi mein ghumne jana tha, do giraffe the unko bhi gaadi mein ghumne jana tha, phir juice peene gaye, pet bhar gaya toh ghar pe aa gaye, phir unhe Mt. Abu jana tha, toh do giraffe, do lion, woh khele, woh so gaye aur phir ghar chale gaye, panda pink thay gayu che ne toh gharma gaya, rehva lagya toh ek divas bahu moto chor avyo, bahu chor hato, pachhi khava lagya, gol....gol....phariyo, pachhi mari gayo toh tow truck ma nakhi didhu, pachhi ek divas gharma real dog ayi gayu, dog badha na thodu....thodu... bachku (Bite) bharto toh, toh aene band-aid lagavi didhi.

Washing animals by ourselves

My animals are clean now

Let me wash...wash... and clean...clean animals need a bath