Social and Emotional Development

Projects provide wonderful opportunities for children to express and collaborate with each other. Through small group and large group discussions, children learn to share and listen to each other’s ideas. They learn to work with each other towards the common goal of investigating as well as visualizing and creating their models. They develop confidence to express their own ideas and choices across situations. Children learn how to be persistent and resilient as the in-depth project journey requires a lot of patience, ability to handle challenges and hard work. Finally, children exercise their problem solving and decision making skills throughout the entire process of research and investigation.

Children sharing their ideas and thoughts with each other

Aahan showing lot of patience in assembling his model and sharing his experience of his visit to the zoo with his peers.

Tvesha Trivedi visited the zoo. Post that she talked about the life of animals in the zoo who are caged.

Tanush quenched his curiosity about aquatic animals by observing the watching fishes closely in the aquarium.

One child shared that he made a bed for tiger with legos and a train track machine which helped the animals to travel from forest to city.

Diyaan feeding animals during his visit to the zoo


Shringeri feeding birds

Shivaanya : Amara ghar ni pachad casper dogy reh che. Small baby che. Ek baar khelta hu. Main roti hu na tab casper bhasne lagega.


Kiaan Surani feeding the fishes

socio emotional .mp4

Shivaay rescuing animals