Phase I

Children represented their prior knowledge and experiences of Animals...

What are animals?

Vitasta: "Cat, dog, meow meow cat, elephant, lion, tiger"

Jiyansh: "Bow wow wow(dog), meh meh (goat)"

Krishvi: "Elephant road, zoo ma, cow-muh-muh, elephant bahu uchu, cat small, monkey tree"

Diyaan: "Tiger farm me hatah, horse bahu motu hathu"

Rishaan: "Lion, dog"

Jiyaara: "Elephant, doggy"

Shivaay: "Monkey, rat, cat and lion"

Monkey, rat, cat and lion

Prior knowledge of food habits of animals

Krishvi: "Dog-bone, cat dudh pive, grass khaaye. Roti khaate hai cow, dog bhi, animals (wild) chota animals ko khaate hai maar ke"

Vitasta : "Shop se (food)"

Jiyaara: "Cow, buffalo, rotli, gaas gaas, Lion-meat, Horsy horsy beach pe horsy horsy, run"

Rishaan : "Apan dete hai (food), Haa roti animal ko dog ko aur cow ko, biscuit cow ko biscuit khilaata tha"

Shivaay: "Cow- grass, horse- apple, lion-meat khaaye, lion su khaaye?- meat, meat khaata hai lion, alagh alagh food, jungle ma. Black bug sanctuary gaya tha ahiya Gujarat ma"

Shivanya: "(Cat) ahiya room me, ahiya niche, mum aapyu, french fries, chicken khaaye, cat, dog (To cat) bowl ti pani piye"

Our world of imagination

Art activities

Wow !!Jiyaara your cat is very cute..

Diyaan: Look at the animals I drew..

Rishaan's love for animals..

Rishaan's imagination- Lion n porcupine on grass with some rain drops.

That's me Shivaay doing fork painting and its my favourite activity.

Vitasta: Guess my animal?

Jiyaara: That's my caterpillar and a snake..

Vitasta: Kindly do not disturb me, I am working on making of a wolf.

Jiyansh: Look at my colourful butterfly!

Time for some brainstorming activities

Rishaan: That's my jungle safari puzzle

Time for exercise- Let's do some yoga

Shivaay: Look at me, I am doing a frog pose..

Vitasta: Look I am doing a dog pose

Diyaan: Look I am doing a butterfly pose

Jiyaara: I am doing a cobra pose..

It's time to listen to a story

Diyaan's elephant and friend's story

Shivaay in a different world..

Vitasta's story