Phase I

Understanding the prior knowledge of children about Animals

Keshavi: "Animals, Elephant, cow, in my grandmaa’s house, I give chapati, cow has 4 legs, long tail, moo moo."

Kiaan: "Zoo me rehte he vo, elephant, pair se push kar k jate hai, ha batein karte hai, ears me batein karte hai."

Sarvam: "Maahir ni t shirt ma pan shark che, he was also showing his t shirt."

Tvesha: "They don’t talk, rabbit, body parts, legs, jump and run."

Kiara: "Cat, Animals theme, mane, rabbit, horse, elephant, tortoise, giraffe, he is a huge animal, big, rabbit body part is small, I went to zoo."

Ayaansh: "Elephant, 2 2 eyes, trunk, ha e vat kare, monkey tree par chade."

Aarsh: "Dog, Kennel, me pehla horse joyu hatu,white and brown."

What do animals eat?

Pratham: "Vegetable fruits khate hai to strong bante hai, cow milk piti hai."

Samarth: "Hu cow ne deva gayo hato pan dog chapati khai gayo, Yes, rabbit, goat and squirrel, carrot."

Keshavi: "Cow moo moo, I give chapati, cat milk piti hai, I drink water, they make sound"

Reyaan: “Apde apiye”, sugar rush ma khavdayu che, emu, tiger."

Kiara: "Grass, carrot, kachro, goat in the picture, goat was eating kachra, there was a shop, animal cook food?"

Ayaansh: “Yes, cow ne, lion deer ko khata hai."

Kiara Patel

Kiara: See!My cat is having milk and Rabbit likes carrot.

Tvesha: They eat Meat, because it is carnivorus."

Bhaavya: "Monkey banana khate hai tiger animals khate hai turtle ko mummy dete he cow ko papa dete hai."

Kiaan: "Hungry, roti cow roti khati hai, grass khati hai, itna hi khati hai fir pani piti hai pyas ati he to, In art he said, cow, cow grass khati hai."

Uses and Care of Animals

Darsh: "Mujhe blue colour ka dog chahiye, lion ko hunt karenge to vo kha jayega, ha dar lagta he lion se aur tiger se, bahar rakhay, chale etle ."

Aarsh: “Hu rakhish, animal doctor, mujhe dog se dar lagta hai."

Keshavi: “I play with dog, dog help me, yes, doctor inject karyu tu ent, cow she gives milk."

Hiya: "Mane meow game che, for take care she said, play, chhupa chhupi, khilaungi, nehlaungi, fir sula dungi."

Arjun: "Vo Samaan uthate hai."

Maahir: " Dog Police ki help karta hai, Hu,e protect karta hai."


Hiya feeding Rabbits

Children represented their understanding about animals through drawings

Tvesha: See I have drawn Antarctica, it's very cold here, so my lion is wearing green warm clothes

Mahhir : See my cow is eating grass .

Arjun: Cow, elephant, crocodile pani me rehta hai, my boat is floating in the river

Riyaan: See my elephant is drinking water in the jungle.

Kiaan: Wow ! My cow is eating grass and drinking water

Bhaavya: I am so happy with my turtle

Pratham: See ! I have drawn a cow

Using creative art techniques to represent ideas

Ayaansh Pandya: Look at my colourful cat with eyes and a small tail!

Reyaan Gandhi : See the big big crocodile!

Ruhaan : My lion is roaring !

Taking pride of showing their creative work in the class

Kiara: See my deer is eating grass

Maahir: That's my cow with grass

Riyaan: Look at my Rhinoceros

Guessing the animal is so much fun!!!

Keshavi: "Ma'am, it's a kangaroo."

Darsh: "Ma'am, Aa lion che ane jungle che."

Solving animal puzzles

Hey ! Let's solve the animals puzzle. We will also help each other.

Moulding the clay to express our ideas!!

Raiza: Using Fork, How creative I am!

Riyaan's smiling Giraffe

Keshavi: My brown brown monkey is jumping

Maahir: My Cow is having one tail, four legs and two horns

Listening to stories about animals also helped children make connections

Hey! this is not your mommy this is my mommy

Hey friends! will you help me to make a bread?

Glimpses of children's self-made stories


Lion and Mouse

Lion big animal, mouse is slide on the tail, jump on his back, he woke up and get angry, lion said I am strong, i eat you. Mouse said sorry sorry leave me.

Keshavi Vyas