Teachers' Reflections

When we learned that this year we will be conducting 'Animals' project virtually thought of the challenges. Conducting the entire project virtually did make us apprehensive but gradually with the passage of time things got streamlined.

Although it was a virtual project this year, we tried to provide them with the best of opportunity in the given circumstances. In fact, during online research we as teachers also enhanced our knowledge about those new facts of animals along with the children. We felt content when the children showed their curiosity by asking questions as well as actively participating throughout the project which reflects that all our efforts proved fruitful.

Our major role in making the model was to facilitate them with their wandering minds and imagination. Parents helped them by providing resources to give shape to their art works.

Though this was a novel experience for us and children, we took satisfaction from knowing that children were excited to learn and discover.

Darshana Darji, Ami Soni


The Project Approach is always a learning experience for us. This time it was virtual so we were very curious and excited to explore new ways to give our children all possible exploration and knowledge because the last few years of the covid phase have taught us that 'Nothing is impossible'. We were confident to move forward seeing our chemistry with the little ones on the virtual platform from the last few months.

The project 'Animals' was very fascinating for the children which made the start so exciting and now we were looking forward to new exploration. We were amazed to see their prior knowledge and started preparing to scaffold it.

Now we started to clear the misconceptions of children along with showing them 'The new world of animals'. Children adopted this new way of exploration very well where we used online research, virtual group discussions, art and stories. Gradually we realized that children were repeating new vocabulary and were remembering the new learnings. It was amazing to see them telling us what they want to know more about these animals. Their curiosity level was really appreciable which gave us more enthusiasm to achieve all the goals of the project, no matter its virtual or physical.

At the end we were proud to see the way children decided their duties and planned to make the models. The final model was reflecting our bond, efforts, and great enthusiasm.

A special thanks to the parents who made it possible for us to give the different experiences to children to make the project meaningful.

Dipali Shah, Niti Sharma


‘Animals’ are fascinating for children yet before beginning the journey several thoughts emerged as to how fruitful this tour would be on a virtual platform.

We started our journey of ‘Animals’ which gave me an insight into children's minds when they shared their knowledge regarding the topic. So we sailed in this kingdom of animals together to know how much they know and then adding more to their knowledge. I liked when children shared their preference for animals and prepared a pictograph where they came up with their choice. Online research was another exciting thing for me as well as for children, where children were wanting more to know and see, and my eagerness to show . The adventurous journey not only led towards group discussions, it was seen throughout different sessions and also opened doors to creativity where they recited rhymes and narrated stories of animals in their own words which was one of my favourite sessions.

I was fascinated to see children bringing their imagination alive in the form of models and presenting it their ways with their ideas. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment when I saw them being confident enough to share about their models in which they took pride.

Our journey was indeed very fruitful.

Jaylaxmi Rajpurohit


I feel great about this project being successfully completed with the teamwork of our teachers, our partnership with the parents along with the support and guidance from our mentors who helped us at every step to achieve this goal. It was a pleasure to see each team member working hard and being committed to showcase the outcome of the project through this site. The journey of my learning is no less as I learnt so many new things while researching with my team members and children. Overall I loved to be a part of this project of EYP2.

Academic Coordinator: Pooja Kapur