Phase III

It was time for children to recollect their learnings from the researching phase and revisit their entire journey. They shared their feelings, likes and dislikes about the project journey. Teachers and parents observed and archived children's ideas and expressions through a children's web, pictures and videos. Children created blueprints and actual models of the animal on which they researched to communicate their learning.

Teachers created a children's web to document children's sharing from throughout the project. It showcases their growing vocabulary and understanding from the start to the end of the project.

Revisiting the experiences and journey of the project

Darsh: Mujhe Elephant or deer wali story achi lgi thi."

Keshavi: I like to make models, i have made tree, pond because i am watching a lion story.

Aarsh: True friemds wali story mane bhoot gami thi.

Samarth: I like grass, leaf, and fruits.

Tvesha : I like piggi rhyme., ranibow fiahaeory and blue print.

Arjun: Zoo banaya tha or blue jackel wali story achi lgi thi.

Each child created an individual blue print before making their model

Group 1


Group 2


Children's collective thoughts in the form of a common class blueprint

Group 1 Giraffe

Group 2 Elephant

Creating prototype of their model

My Colourful Giraffe

Aadi: My unique Giraffe

Samarth: My Giraffe is ready!

Maahir: My elephant

Arjun: I am having fun in making elephant with clay

Glimpses of making the model

Filling paper in the glass to make an elephant

I am painting my Clay Elephant

Pratham: Look my giraffe is ready with acacia tree

My grass is ready

I am pasting cotton to make a tree

Samarth: My cage is ready for the zoo

Darsh: I am making a grassland

Making my model colourful!

Lets add a wind mill to the model

Ayaansh: My giraffe family

Its a team work

Few anecdotes shared by children while making the model

Arjun: "Ye plastic glass hai, aur straw hai, iske pair lagane hai.

"Bhavvya: "Dekho mere elephant, ek african hai, ek asian hai."

Ayaansh: " Hu finish karu chu, clay che."

Pratham: "Maine ye acacia tree cotton se banaya."

Samarth: "Hu cage Banau chu."

Darsh: "Ma'am abhi colour baki hai."

Sarvam: "Hu paint karu chu."

Tvesha: "I am trying to make a paper."

Kiaan Surani

Sarvam Shah

Aarsh Shah


Tvesha Trivedi

Arjun Bajpai : Elephant

Aadi: Windmill

Bhaavya : Elephant

Maahir: Elephant

Ruhaan Panjvani: Elephant

Aadi: Giraffe

Ayaansh : Elephant with birthday cake

Maahir: Elephant

Keshavi Vyas

Kiara Patel

Teachers assembled the individual models made by children to create a grassland with elephants, giraffes and other animals.

Enacting like Animals

I am roaring like a lion!

See my mane!

Oink oink!!

Hey I am a Little Tiger

Look at the bunny!

See my tall neck! I am a Giraffe

Join us in hunting the animals from the tub

Wow ! I can feel the soapy water and my animals are wet!

Group stories created by children

Ek mouse tha, Jerry mouse. Fir wolf aya, oowww owww, pachi bear ni same ubha rahya. Pachi badha elephant aya ane e giraffe nu friend hatu. Lion came in the forest, mouse is jumping on the lion on the tail and he wake up. Gili gili karta hai fir uthh jata hai. Uske bad bear ayegaaur fir lion ke sath jungle me chala gaya. Pachi horse avshe ane kahe che, "Chal mari sahte jungle ma giraffe jova." Ane pachi badha friend bani gaya.

Group 1

It was a hot sunny day. It was a elephant. elephant was very big. Elephant was sleeping in the night. then lion come. lion ko elephant ke sath khelna tha. fir vo friends ban gaye, sath me rehne lage aur play karte the. Elephant hop and jump. fir ek tiger aya usne bola ,"Mujhe bahot bhukh lagi hai, mai apko kha jaunga." to fir unko kha gaya.

Group 2

Self-made rhymes by children

Monkey, monkey,

Giraffe, giraffe,

Elephant is trumpeting,

Giraffe is grunting,

They are palying pom pom pom,

Monkey is jumping jumping,

Giraffe is eating leaves, leaves, leaves. lage.

Ek mota haathi,Jhum ke chala,

Hunter ki jaal me vo fasa,

Elephant ki trunk lambi thi,

Usko dekh ke chuha aya,

Chuha ne jaal ko kat diya,

Aur vo chhut gaya aur khene