Phase II

Conducting In-depth Research and Investigations

Children learnt more about animals through informative videos, stories, field trip and online research.They discussed different types of animals, their physical appearance, safety and care, difference in pet, domestic, wild and aquatic animals and covering all aspects of them.

Exploration of domestic animals, their physical features, food, shelter and young ones

Diyaan: "Cat"

Jiyaara: "Horsy-stable"

Shivanya: "Cow-grass, dog-roti, cat-dudh, camel-vegetable"

Vitasta: "Pig-piglet-oink, dog- house, sheep- ba ba, cow-muh muh, cat-house-meow"

Shivaay: "Dog, goat, hathi (Elephant), dog-puppy, cat-kitten,, tabdak tabdak horse, donkey-onchi-onchi, camel-desert-Dubai ma, hen- cock ko doodle do"

Pictograph of children's favorite pet animals through large group discussion and voting

Feeding of animals- As a part of this exploration, children were asked to feed animals

Exploration of wild animals their physical features, food, shelter and young ones

Jiyaara: "Wild animals-tiger, lion, elephant, giraffe, masha ane bear ma bi tiger hai, Deer-white dots-gaas khaaye"

Vitasta: "In a jungle, eat other people, tiger-black, white, orange colour"

Shivanya: "Lion-cub, simba, lion king, jungle ma"

Shivaay: "Lion-meat, tiger-tiger baby"

Rishaan: "Elephant jaggery khaata hai"

Children visited the zoo along with parents to know more about wild animals


Exploration of aquatic animals their physical features, food,and young ones

Jiyaara: "Fish bowl, fish khaaye jheena jheena daana"

Krishvi: "Choti fish ko khaate hai"

Online exploration of Aquatic animals

Children explored and shared about the ways in which animals help us

Shivaay: "Cow gives milk"

Krishvi: "Buffalo gives milk"

Jiyaara: "Sheep wool de"

Diyaan: "Milk (cow)"

Shivaay: "Riding horse"

Jiyaara: "Guard kare(Dog)

Children also explored the ways in which animals help each other

Vitasta: "The black cat, the elephant is getting the black cat"

Deciding the topic for in-depth exploration

Vitasta: "Octopus, I want to see how octopus swim"

Diyaan: "Fish"

Shivaay: "Shark"

Shivanya: "Hippo"

Jiyansh: "Fish"

Jiyaara: "Fish"

Krishvi: "Fish"

Rishaan: "Ocean"

It was time to do an indepth study about animals based on children's interest. They were keen to know more about aquatic animals.

Deciding the topic for in-depth exploration

Shivaay: "Shark bahu game"

Shivanya: "Mane hippo jovu che"

Jiyaara: "Mane rabbit ane fish game"

Comparison of animals represented through a venn diagram

Children represented their individual thoughts of animals in the form of drawings

Animals also took shape in the form of clay models

Imagination during Construction time

Shivaay: That's my farm, e i ei ei o, and on my farm had some cow's, horse, pig, sheep

Jiyansh: Welcome to my farm house

Vitasta: My camel and zebra are neighbours

Diyaan: Construction work is going on..

We all are engrossed in our work

Rishaan: I am planning to make something big with the materials scattered

Jiyaara: Welcome to my animal farm house

Shivaay's African Savanna

Puppet making

Shivaay: That's the hand puppet I made

Jiyaara: That's my cat and dog puppet

Diyaan: Look at my dog puppet, Bow- wow

Shivanya: I think it's looking good

Rishaan: Hey!! How is it?

Clay moulding

Jiyaara's creativity using clay

Diyaan's all in one clay models

Rishaan's lion out of the world

Representation of my favourite animal

Jiyaara's favourite animal is rabbit

Elephant is Shivaay's favourite animal

Diyaan likes teddy bear

Making of animal masks

Diyaan's mask making in process

Diyaan's mask is about to finish

Diyaan's panda mask is ready

Jiyaara: Look! I made two masks

Jiyaara: Meow-meow

Rescue the animals

We are animal rescuers, come and save the nature with us, respect animal lives

Pasting Activity

Baa- baa white sheep have you any cotton

Yes sir, yes sir a handful of it

Collage of Animals

Show and tell

Hey everyone it's story time